Week 4 of Isolation

This week marks the fourth week since I’ve been pretty much locked up at home, safe and sound. I’m doing well overall, probably losing some weight due to not drinking any beer or hitting any fast food joints. Those seem to go together and always help pack on the pounds. I haven’t really started working out or anything yet, but it has been on my mind. I might set up the bike trainer and get that going.

I started another Risen fly box. This time the plan is to tie up all dry flies. A little bit of everything for the season from caddisflies to hoppers. I did tie up some neat little CDC comparaduns that were a bit frustrating due to the goose biot bodies. I cheated and used some dubbing as well. And then I tried turkey biots – which are much longer, but not as fuzzy for the look I wanted. Fish probably don’t care much though. We’ll see.

I’m hoping to make a trip to camp very soon if possible. I do need to pick up some groceries, but holding out as long as I can. I dread the thought of having to deal with interactions with people in these crazy coronavirus times. I have gloves ready to go. I have a mask ready to go. Super bummed that Giant Eagle has been impossible to get a slot for delivery. Or even curbside pickup. Crazy.

The main things I need at this point are coffee, meat, fresh vegetables and fruit and paper towels. I have plenty of toilet paper. I have plenty of pasta. Could use some butter.

Clorox wipes are impossible to find, so not even trying for that. I have a ball jar filled with bleach and water with a cotton t-shirt rag inside. I use that to wipe things down and rejuvenate the mixture every so often.

The biggest roadblock is not receiving the freelance checks I’m due from clients. I have almost $2k worth of invoices out that are hitting almost a month since I provided them. I need that. Especially since I haven’t had much work. Things are getting lean for sure.

But staying positive and hoping for the best. ~Drifter07