CDC Half & Half Sulphur Emerger

A CDC Half and Half Sulphur Emerger. Whipped up a few of these to try this weekend. It is a pretty easy pattern to tie really, and nothing too tricky. Maybe the only thing would be wrapping the hackle around the CDC post. Just take your time (good to remember when tying all flies) and it will work. You’ll probably notice that the hackle is relatively small compared to the hook size. Mostly because I just picked up what I had on my desk within reach. If I tie some more, I’ll go with a larger hackle I believe. But who knows — the CDC might provide enough visibility and keep it afloat. I’ll need to do some field testing to see. Ha.

CDC Half and Half Sulphur Emerger


Hook: Your Choice
Tail: Brown Z-lon and a few Mallard Fibers
Body: Turkey
Rib: Gold Wire
Thorax: Yellow Superfine Dubbing
Post: CDC
Hackle: Your Choice
Thread: Yellow 8/0 or Your Choice

I plan to try a few of these on my Tionesta > Tioga > Sinnemahoning Trip this weekend. I’ll report back on the success or lack of. ~Drifter07