New Design/Illustration Work!

I worked up a couple new designs and they are available in my Threadless shop. Hoping to get some more designs up very soon. A little bit of everything there, so consider supporting a small business and take a look.

Visit my shop by clicking here.

I also worked on a new watercolor brook trout painting. I’m hoping to get some prints made and offer those for sale too. I’m thinking it could be a nice design for some smaller postcards or thank-you cards. It was the first attempt at a brookie, so I may even work on a better one after the things I learned with this one. Exploring reproduction options online, but really want to with a local print vendor if I can. This self-distancing stuff doesn’t help with that at all.

Well, It’s almost 8 am and I’ve only done some reading, drank one cup of coffee, and wrote a few blog posts. Today I have a few patterns I want to try to tie up, as well as get the house cleaned up a bit more. If history repeats, I’ll have a nap in there too.

Stay safe and healthy. ~Drifter 07