Drifter 18: Eric Norberg

Why does Drifter 18 fish? I fish because I really enjoy it.  As a kid, one of my friends and I would play in a little stream.  We build dams and caught anything we could with our hands (mostly crayfish), and I really just loved playing in a creek.  I think that made wading and fishing the natural grown up transition for me.  Now I really love the places that fishing takes me.  Backroads, small towns, tree covered streams, cold flowing water are fun to see.  I’m a teacher and I enjoy time with my family when I am not on the water.  I also really now enjoy upland bird hunting with my dog.

Eric’s Top Three Go-To Flies:

Soft hackles, Pheasant Tails, San Juan Worm (always hatching where I fish)

Do you remember fooling your first trout?

On a fly…with Drifter 7 at his previous camp near Sinnamahoning I guess.  Brooks Run or 40 Maples area.

Any Drifter Words of Wisdom?

Your Dad is a really special man, and if it weren’t for him this journey in fishing may have never taken hold.  He shared flies when we had none, he showed us how to tie when we were all thumbs, and he took to wild places when we couldn’t drive.

Thanks for sharing Eric. ~Drifter 07