Caddis Pupa

Here’s a another buggy pattern to try. Very simple to construct too. I used a technique I remembered Mike Lawson using in a video on fishing and fly tying for spring creeks. It was a great gift from Dad one Christmas.

He basically used wire to create a dubbing loop and twisted up a herl with various materials. I’ve been experimenting with varying amounts of gray ostrich herl in this example. Definitely a rock-star move on Mike’s part. Try it and you’ll see.

And you can use that technique on so many of your patterns for aesthetics – and durability purposes.


Hook: Curved, Your Choice
Body/Rib: Wire Dubbing Loop with Ostrich Herl
Thorax: Hare’s Ear Mix
Head: Black Bead
Thread: Danville 6/0 Olive or Your Choice

After you whip finish the fly, put it in some water and see the magic happen. Enjoy. ~Drifter07