Firehole Number One. A New Fly for Friday.

We made it to another Friday. Unfortunately this pandemic mess is still here and doesn’t look like it will be going anywhere anytime soon. Bummer because the weather has changed and fly fishing is on my mind. Imagine that.

I talked to my Dad this morning to check in and see how he is doing. All good there. I tied another fly to add to the Founding Flies Project I started a while ago. Basically I’m going through a book I have from Mike Valla and learning about the histories of some famous patterns. You can see the book here.

Up today was the Firehole Number One. It is basically a midge pattern made popular around 1947 on the Yellowstone River. Fun little tie. Below is a #16. I probably should have used black thread like the pattern calls for, however I had some olive Danville spooled up on the desk and just went with it.

The goal is to tie all the bugs in the book, or at least attempt to over time. I definitely don’t have all the materials (McCaw feathers for example). But this pattern was the eighth I’ve attempted. Very fun little project.

After chatting with Dad and tying up a few bugs, I got back to the computer to work on some display ad banners for a client. Knocked out 15 optimized banners and sent off for review by noon. Not bad, but I know they will come back. Clients like to put in lots of copy points and once optimized and made at actual size – they tend to change their minds. Ha.

Now the old belly is grumbling so I need to go get some food to pacify it. Have a great day. ~Drifter07