Drifter 10: Brad Isles

Why does Drifter 10 fish? To connect with the natural world and decelerate from the frenzy of workday life. Professionally, he is a multi-dimensional digital content creator and manager.

Brad’s Top Three Go-To Flies:

Hare’s Ear, Light Cahill dry, Hendrickson soft hackle.

Do you remember fooling your first trout?

Not my first trout ever, but I vividly remember catching my first westslope cutthroat trout in a slow, clear pool on Spanish Creek, in the shadow of Custer Gallatin National Forest, using a lethal fly pattern developed by my friend John from Carlisle. It was satisfying to coerce the beautiful cutt from its lie under a submerged log using a fly and techniques that John has used to catch thousands of PA brookies. That fish, specifically, served as a springboard for what was to come during my 2015 Montana Drifter excursion and each trip thereafter.

Any Drifter Words of Wisdom?

Don’t put the fire out before everyone is in camp… It’s OK to cast to the other side of the river and across three different currents if your target is a 20-plus-inch rainbow rising on the opposite bank. You just need to mend your line, and have your guide walk away… Set. FFS, SET.

Thanks for sharing Brad. ~Drifter 07