Favorite Brook Trout Flies

Brook trout are a ferocious bunch. They are usually pretty darn hungry and will smack just about any fly. And they live in such beautiful places. And to get to a lot of those places it only takes a bit of hiking and a handful of flies. I typically take caddis in various colors and styles, along with some meatier flies (especially ones that I can visually pick up quickly) like royal wulffs and stimulators.

Sometimes I’ll attach a dropper – a prince nymph or pheasant tail. Other times, especially in winter, I’ll add a zebra midge a few inches behind my indicator fly. It really depends on the water level.

Eventually, I’ll post some pictures of my versions of those flies. You can always use the Google machine to find examples. I plan to use this season as an experimental one. I’d like to mix up my flies and try some interesting things, so stay tuned for some entries on those.

In the meantime, go tie up some bugs! ~Drifter07