2020 Trout Season

Well the state decided to launch the season unexpectedly last week. Assuming it was to curtail the crowds due to this pandemic we are dealing with right now. Good move in my opinion. I’ve yet to be out. I’d like to, but it would have to be someplace way out there amongst the trees and forests. Preferably no people.

What I’m opposed to are all the posts I see of groups of fisher-people meeting up like it is no big deal. Maybe not. But I’d rather not be a part of that. It’s sad that some will/can/might ruin things for all of us who are following the rules.

Luckily I have a family camp that provides an opportunity for me to shelter there and fish nearby places where the population is low. I had planned to make a trip this week, but the weather is still kind of crappy and I have some things I need to accomplish this week around the house. Although I’m pretty much packed if I change my mind.

As for keeping busy – I’ve been doing that. Tying flies, sketching and painting. It passes the time, helps me improve and I see improvement on all fronts. Yesterday was Easter. I sat on my porch with the dog, drank some beers and sketched the Sassafras tree in the front yard. I think it could be a cool abstract watercolor subject.

Stay home. Stay creative. Stay healthy. ~Drifter07