Another Day. Another Dumbshit.

Unfortunately that is where we are today. I’m not a real political person – and keep mine to myself, but this guy is plain ridiculous. I won’t even give him the pleasure of seeing his name in print on here. How anyone thinks he’s handling our current situation professionally and with dignity is a moron. Enough said.

Anyhow, I was up early today and finished up some March Browns as part of a trade for another angler. Next up will be some Light Cahills tomorrow if I get some time. I’m running out of dry fly hooks and was lucky enough to get paid for some previous work I did some time ago, so I might have to put in an order.

Had another good mail day. I received a small hair stacker that my Dad purchased for me. It appears to be perfect for smaller flies and I think it will be excellent for the comparaduns I’ve been tying in 16s. Probably give me the chance to tie some 18s just for fun. Will report back after I try a few of them.

Have a great night. ~Drifter07