Another Week in Quarantine

It’s Monday. It’s rainy. In fact I think it rained most of the night. The dog is sleeping and I decided to grab the laptop and move from my office into the living room for a change of scenery – and a much more comfortable chair. Sipping coffee as birds are chirping outside. It is peaceful, despite the gloomy day.

I don’t have any actual work to do this week from a freelance perspective unfortunately. So I’m planning on doing some online tutorials and updating my website. I’d like to get some new designs up on Threadless store too. Maybe even do some painting. We’ll see how it goes.

Over the weekend I received some flies for my collection from Al and Gretchen Beatty. They each sent two patterns that they tied. Very, very cool. I’m super stoked on that. Now I really have to get that display sketch done. That gives me something to do this week!

Charlie Craven is also sending me some flies, so the collection is really coming along. I’d like to get all the Drifters to give me a fly or two that they have tied to round out the collection. I mean it is fantastic to have flies from the legends, but I think it is also nice to have some from friends that you’ve spend time with on the water chasing trout.

Well it is now 10 am and the sun has actually come out from behind the clouds. Not sure how long it will last, but it sure has brightened up the day. Oh, nope. It’s cloudy again. Oh well.

Today’s main goal is to get gas for the Subi and hit Petsmart. I’m sorta dreading the trip and have latex gloves and hand sanitizer ready to go. I’ve read that gas pumps are really nasty, as well as the keypads. So I just want to be prepared for that. It’s crazy how we have to live now. And probably for quite some time. Man things have changed.

That’s enough typing for this morning. I need to get motivated and get some stuff done. Hang in there folks. ~Drifter07