Day 12 Quarantine Update

Today marks a dozen days since I have been in self-quarantine I guess. It’s Friday and I can say despite the absolute absurdity of life right now – I laughed my ass off today doing a virtual happy hour over Zoom with some great friends. We started at 5 pm and it lasted almost an hour and a half until hunger kicked in for us all.

Yet I’m still on the computer reading through emails and posts and clicking away at the keyboard. I feel like I need to document as much as I can during these times. It might be a coping mechanism – to just get down what is in my head. Maybe deep down inside I’m worried that if something happens to me, at least someone might want to read about a guy who was living his life and trying to keep people connected. Through flyfishing. Fly tying. Whatever.

It was great seeing faces and actually being able to laugh again. We all need that.

Another bright note today was finding out that I’ll be receiving a few flies to add to my collection from some great fly tyers. Al and Gretchen Beatty are sending me some flies they have tied, as well as Charlie Craven. I’m super stoked to get them and add to my growing collection and need to figure out the best way to display them.

I’ve talked to my Dad and we think we have a good idea for a display. I’m going to sketch it out and I know he’ll be able to knock it out in his woodshop. I’m thinking it will probably be a living room wall display. We’ll see.

Also – today I received a great writing piece from a friend – Jim Hoey – who used to run a fly shop here in West View, Pennsylvania. He is a great guy and writer and kindly provided a piece for the blog. You can read it here.

So all in all, I’m doing fine for a dozen days into this madness. I hope everyone is staying home, staying positive and staying healthy.

We’ll get through this with good friends, good beer and good vibes. ~Drifter07