Fly Collection

It turns out some people are showing interest in my collection of flies and how I store those little treasures. I started collecting from others and putting them into little bottles with cork stoppers. I add a small cardstock label with their name and other info. All get stored in a cigar box that sits near my flytying bench. I use them as reference or inspiration.

So I figured I’d link to the supplies for all to enjoy. Pretty simple really for the flies that I collect. Mostly trout flies on the smaller size. But bottles are available in lots of sized depending on your needs. And they are pretty cheap. They also work as neat ornaments if you load them up with flies, attach the eye hooks and some twine.

The bottles are like the ones here:

I created my own labels like below. If you want a pdf version, just email me at and I’ll send the file.

I hope this inspires you to trade with yer friends. It’s like trading baseball cards for adults. Or something like that.

Enjoy! ~Drifter07