Day 11 Quarantine Update

Today marks the 11th day of self-isolation for the most part. Other than the horrific news clippings and incompetent POTUS or POS – I’ve tried to keep busy and hope for the best. My food supply should be good for another week or so. I dread knowing I may have to make a grocery run in the future. Just don’t trust the lunatics who are not following the rules. And I have noticed that I’ve settled in on a daily routine that seems to go something like this:

  1. wake up around 5 am – I’ve been in bed by 8 pm and asleep by 9 or 10 pm
  2. let the dog out as coffee brews
  3. sip coffee and read (currently Trout Fishing by Joe Brooks
  4. decide what bugs I want to tie up
  5. 9 am – check emails, respond and continue with any design work I might have (dwindling rapidly unfortunately)
  6. breakfast usually happens next.
  7. more design work or laundry or house cleaning
  8. noon’ish – nap time
  9. 1 pm – back to either tying flies or design work until 5 pm
  10. laundry or house cleaning or dishes
  11. dinner usually starts around 6 pm depending on how elaborate
  12. 7 pm shower and head to bed
  13. watch a movie or tutorial on the iPad
  14. lights out around 8:30 pm and crash

Today I did get a chance to experiment with a Kelly Galloup technique. He tends to use peacock herl for wingcases on his nymphs. I never really tried it until today and I kind of like the outcome. Not sure about the durability of the herl – but it is one of those magic materials that fish seem to like. I’ll probably tie a few more tomorrow morning so I have a good sample set for my experimental fly box.

At some point I’ll post the pattern recipe, but it is basically a pheasant tail nymph on a curved hook. And instead of a turkey or pheasant tail wingcase, you use a few strands of peacock herl. Simple and definitely buggy. My favorite types of flies. Oh and I used some dubbing too for some extra shagginess. Combed out a bit too.

That’s all for today. Hope everyone is safe and healthy. ~Drifter07