Quarantine Update: Day 10

This morning I was up before my alarm by a half hour. So at 4:30 am instead of trying to fall back to sleep, I put on some coffee, let the dog out into the darkness and started the day. Screw it. I’m gonna make the most of the day.

I hit the tying bench and looked through one of my favorite books – The Benchside Introduction to Fly Tying – and realized I hadn’t tied up many Emergent Sparkle Pupae lately. It’s a great pattern and I fondly remember it being the go-to pattern in Colorado on the Dream Stream. You can read about that little piece of heaven here.

So I tied up a few with the materials I had on hand. I think they came out pretty good and look forward to using them very soon.

After my coffee was gone I cooked up some breakfast to try to use up the hot dogs I opened up the other day. I paired it with a cheese, garlic and onion omelette. A few pieces of toast and some team finished up the meal. Three dogs are still left so tonight’s dinner is going to be some dogs and french fries. Looking forward to that for sure.

Then it was setting up my gear table as a drying station for another load of laundry. Almost caught up finally. Pairing socks is not going to be fun. Especially since I had so many to launder. I wear flip flops in the house almost exclusively so the socks have piled up over the months. And since my dryer is not functional… laundry hasn’t really been a priority. Bachelor living!

A bright spot today was texting with another Drifter. He has spring break coming up in a few weeks – so we are planning a day on the water. Maybe an overnight someplace to keep us from going completely nuts. Well, keeping him probably (he has two sons and a wife) sane. I’m actually pretty good with the dog in quarantine. Having lots of hobbies certainly helps with the solitude. Anyhow, that trip is something to look forward to very soon.

I do have a few (paying) projects still going on. I’ll spend some time today working on those and hopefully be able to bill either by Friday or early next week. Anything at this point to keep the boat afloat. It is a scary time right now not knowing what’s around the corner.

I hope everyone is staying safe and well. ~ Drifter07