Fall is in the Air

I am really excited for fall fishing this year. For the first time in 3 years, I’ll be able to hit the water on the weekends. Especially since I’ve resigned as an LL Bean Fly Casting instructor. It just wasn’t in the cards to continue to fill up my Saturdays during this fantastic time of the year.

So I’ve been tying up flies, filling my boxes and even tying up a few for friends. Been experimenting with some new patterns and have been pleasantly surprised. I can feel my skills improving the more I tie and that is a big confidence builder. I’ve also continued to not let specific recipe materials get in the way of me trying new patterns. I just look through my stuff and if I have something that looks like it could be a substitute – I use it. I encourage everyone to do that!

Here are a few that I’ve recently crafted. ~Drifter07