Bugs, Beer and Bikes

Today is the start (well at noon for me) of the Labor Day weekend. I’m closing up shop and will be in rest and relaxation mode for three or four days. And that means tying up more bugs, drinking beer with buddies and getting a few bike rides in. And I’m pretty stoked already.

This past week I’ve been spending mornings tying up some patterns to fill my cabinet. The ritual is getting out of bed, putting some coffee on to brew, letting the dog out, filling up the coffee cup and grabbing a book from my library. I decide what I feel like tying — grab the materials (usually substituting if necessary) and sit down at the bench.

Some of this week’s bugs include Prince Nymphs, Serendipities, Pheasant Tails, CDC Caddis, Copper John Bombers and Partridge & Oranges.

I’ve been tying up a half dozen of a pattern and moving onto another. And it has been a blast mixing it up like this. Oh, I’ll eventually come back and finish at least of dozen of each pattern. But in the meantime, I’m just tying and having fun. That is what it should be about.

I know I should be fishing those bugs, and I will. Soon. Very soon. Fall is almost here and as the nights get cooler and the water temperatures drop, the fish will be hungry. And I’ll be ready with a bug buffet. ~ Drifter07