Rise & Shine

Morning. It’s Wednesday morning and I’ve been up since around 6:30 am, and unfortunately, it isn’t because I’m gearing up for a day on the water…today. It’s winter in PA and currently 6 degrees outside.

A bit of snow came down to coat the roads, but nothing too significant. It sure is nice and calm and pretty to view from the comfort of my man cave.

The reason I’m actually up this early is because I wanted to spend some time writing and working on this new adventure – a blog. Yes, I think it will be an efficient way to catalog my adventures this season. A way to look back at the journey and remember the things I never seem to get down in a journal.

About the name. Well, being a self-described creative kinda guy – this will also be a way for me to share my watercolor paintings and musings. Maybe some photography along the way. Potentially a note or two on my tavern adventures to keep things fun. Who knows? Like a meandering spring creek through the wilderness, this blog will flow organically.

The trail dog, aka Glacier is napping at my feet and probably wondering what the heck I’m doing at the computer this early. After all, I’m usually at my analog lab tying up flies this early as I finish my first cup of coffee. And it looks like I need get back to my ‘real’ work as well, so see ya later. I hope you enjoy my ramblings. ~ drifter07