From the Bench

So I’ve been pretty amped since some of the Drifters decided to book another weekend trip in the woods. That means even more motivation to put some more time in on the fly tying bench. And since it’s winter, and I’m currently looking for freelance work, it’s easy to do.

As I sort flies and fly boxes tattered and torn from last season, I realize I have a ton of flies. But I do see how much I’ve improved over the last year based on the state of the ties. They all still look quite buggy, so will stay in my arsenal, however I would like to update a bit. And with the trip coming up this weekend, I’ve been tying a few bugs.

Granted this, potentially annual trip, usually ends up with the guys sitting around a big camp table tying into the night. But that is all part of the experience and helps us plan our adventures for the upcoming season. But usually a few beers, scotch, and terrible lighting will play a huge part in the aesthetic of those bugs!

You can see, they aren’t the prettiest flies ever tied, but I like to think the fish don’t care. Someone once said flies are tied to catch fishermen, not fish. And I’ve heard of fishermen who purchase new flies, and scrape them against a rock before casting them to rough them up. I like to think I’ve saved a step! ~Drifter07