Crazy Coronavirus Catastrophe Causing Chaos

So as we all are aware – we are in the midst of something so horrible right now. A pandemic that is world-wide. A pandemic that is tearing families apart. A pandemic that is killing people. It is like living a movie. And I think it is scary as hell.

I’m on day 8 of self-quarantining. Hasn’t been a 100% stay inside effort, as I’ve walked to get groceries, dropped off some flies and a reel to a friend up the street, and met my Dad for a re-supply of some groceries. But I’ve taken precautions each time, so I feel I’ll be okay. I think. I hope. Dunno.

So far I’ve tied up a bunch of bugs. A dozen to donate to Project Healing Waters. Another couple for some friends. I’ve been working on some new patterns – and learning some new techniques.

As I tie more and really think about the process and what I’m doing, I pick up so many little nuances. I’m not completely happy with my Catskill ties, but getting there. I understand the process and the sequences involved better now than I did before. And I believe my eye is getting better in regards to proportions, etc. And since art is so personal, I definitely have my favorite styles. Gonna keep practicing.

You really need to be in a good mindset to create good flies too. When I’m lazy and un-focused I see my patterns affected. Bodies are too fat. Wings are too long. Tails too short. Crappy whip finishes. All that stuff. I look around and I have quite a few that will get razor-bladed off the hooks and recycled. Or I’ll give them to my buddies. We’ll see.

This is probably the best fly I’ve tied in my life. And I still see where I can improve it. (trapped hackle fibers in the head, as well as not leaving the traditional space after the eye.)

If I could list 5 things I’ve learned over the last month or so tying they would be:

  1. Stripped quills beat any synthetic out there (just hit ’em with some cement)
  2. Swisher’s dubbing rocks
  3. I really like the oversized hackle barbs – you can always trim them on the stream
  4. 6/0 olive Danville thread is an awesome all-around thread (thanks Matt!)
  5. Less is definitely more – check out the flies tied by the PA legends

So that’s it for today. I’ll try to post more as this quarantine continues. I hope everyone is tying flies, staying safe and healthy. ~Drifter 07