2019 Tionesta to Tioga to Sinnemahoning Drift

Well, I’m taking a little break from wrapping up projects for the next week and figured I’d put up a post. Right this moment, as of 4:45 pm no one has signed up for LL Bean Fly Casting this Saturday. That means there is an opportunity for me to start my fly fishing trip earlier than expected. Fingers crossed.

The best case scenario would be to find out that I’m not teaching tomorrow since everyone probably has weekend plans already booked. Then I would hit the grocery store for the dry goods I need and get on the road. First destination would be my Dad’s camp in Tionesta.

He’ll already be there with his wife. I’ll arrive, unload the Subaru and find a stream to fish that evening. Then another on Saturday, with a stop at Cougar Bob’s for a cold one…or two. I’d plan to fish a location on a friend’s camp property that was offered to me that evening, before heading back to camp. Maybe a stop at the Flying W for dinner. Not sure.

Sunday, I’d like to hit a few more streams and a beaver pond. Drink a few beers and hang out at camp. My brother and his wife are supposed to be there too. Then organize all my gear for the second leg of the trip — Leonard Harrison State Park — that I plan to leave for the next day.

I can check in on Monday (Memorial Day) when most people are leaving. Fine by me. I should be there relatively early so I’ll hit Wellsboro for gas and groceries. Then there are a few streams I’d like to check out on my list near there. Then set up camp.

Probably chill out at the camp site that evening and get everything situated for the next four nights. Tuesday, I plan to make a day of it on the road scouting some water. Wednesday the same, and also on Thursday. However I’ll need to have things pretty packed up that night, since I depart for the third leg on Friday morning. Next up, Sinnemahoning State Park.

The plan is to meet Ryan sometime Friday and fish through Sunday. He’ll most likely need to head back on Sunday evening, but I’m staying until Monday. Might hit a few streams in the morning on my way home to Blairsville to pick up the dog. We’ll see. Pics and another post to eventually show up on here! ~Drifter07