Morning Rituals

We all have things we do religiously first thing in the morning. Tops on my list is waking up (to usually two set alarms on my phone) and letting Glacier out. Then coffee is brewed as I get organized for the day. Usually this happens by 7 am.

From there I hit the vise to sip on my coffee and listen to some music as the dog naps at my feet. It is a nice way to ease into the day and focus on what I need to do. I’ve noticed it has a calming effect. As I go through the motions of wrapping thread around the hook, my mind wanders a bit and I think about upcoming days on the water. Not necessarily that conference call I have at 10 am. Oh, and the one at 1 pm. And the last one at 3 pm.

I picked up a Metz hackle at Field & Stream the other day. It has a neat reddish / grizzly marking to the feathers that I’ve been exploring. So this is what I’ve been doing this week in the mornings. Also, playing with gray quill wraps as the body material. I’ve learned you definitely need to soak these things in water before using. They get super brittle. And it doesn’t hurt to hit them with a little Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails. Gives them a bit of a shine, but I bet my UV res would be a better. Not sure, but that’s why I try new things out. ~Drifter07