Mark Your Calendars!

The 2019 Fly Fishing Show makes its annual stop in Lancaster, March 9 and 10 at the Lancaster County Convention Center. You can pick up your tickets here. In past years, the Original Drifter and I have made the trip and have checked out all the stuff we could fit in, during two packed days.

This year we are going once again and plan to hit the road on Friday to add an extra day, check in early and make a few stops around the area. On this year’s itinerary is definitely the Farmer’s Market and the Elks Club once again. Maybe another Primanti’s sammich too. I know Dad loves those things.

It’s always a great time to connect with fellow anglers and friends like Dusty Wissmath and Joe Ackourey – among a host of others. I especially liked watching the featured fly tiers sharing their craft with observers. You get to pick their brains and see new methods of crafting excellent patterns. And the amount of fly tying supplies makes your head spin.

Oh and there are a ton of vendors. All the big boys and girls are there. Everyone is pumped for the season. And here’s a tip – Lancaster is usually the last stop on the circuit so vendors are trying to unload all their swag so they don’t have to lug it with them to airports and their vehicles. A win for us common folk. Hush… hush.

Seeing all the new rods, the living legends, and watching the demos and presentations are all icing on the cake. Really looking forward to this experience in a few months.

Maybe I’ll see some of you there. Say hello if you see me or the Original Drifter. Maybe you’ll make the blog and be famous. Ha. ~Drifter07

Some snaps from previous years: