Tying One On

Last evening was a really good turnout for our Wednesday fly tying night at LL Bean, here in Pittsburgh. As an instructor for the Outdoor Discovery Schools, I get the opportunity to share my knowledge of tying and fly fishing with others through the program. Many times the folks are much older than I, and have been fishing for as long as I have been alive. But I’ve learned old dogs can learn new tricks. I enjoy showing them what I’ve learned…so far!

We tied gold-ribbed hare’s ears. A fantastic, general nymph pattern to have in your box. And once you get the steps down, it pretty much will be the technique you use for so many other patterns. Just using different materials. The original version is a little different than what I prefer – and I like to use wire ribbing, pheasant tail and sometimes a bead for a little flash.

If you want to learn to tie it, I’d suggest checking out Charlie Craven’s site instructions. Charlie is a great guy – and his shop in Arvada, Colorado is sweet. I’ve had many trips to the Centennial state and have stopped in to check out the latest tying materials and gear he’s stocked. And he once shipped me a killer hat. Thanks Charlie!

Oh back to the program. So mark your calendars to tie with us on Wednesdays at the store. But be sure you register first (or call the store), so we know how to tailor the class. ~Drifter07